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I had written yesterday that I love new toys, especially when they are just wicked cool. Not everyone agrees with me, some even think I am weird. So be it. But, tell me this isn't one, cool looking product. You are getting the world's first look at our new P20 Power Plant. This beauty won't ship until early next year, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy looking at her lines, her style, her pure appeal. Note also the new display, which shows in much clearer terms incoming AC quality (the tall line on the left) vs. outgoing power quality (the tiny one to its right). It really makes much more sense to see the magnitude level of distortion of input vs. output than mere (and often meaningless) numbers. Graphics make it easier to wrap your head around what's actually happening. (The old engineer friendly scope and distortion analyzer are still available on the display). There's also a host of new technology we can talk about too, but that's for later. In any case, I just couldn't resist posting this picture, hot off the press. Heck, we don't even yet know what we have to charge for this piece yet (and we won't know even at the show). Its performance debut will be at RMAF next week where the mighty P20 will be powering the system: a pair of Focal Sopra No. 3, and a pair of REL 212/SE subwoofers. Let me wipe the drool from my mouth...
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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