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Simply better
Simpler is better for quite a number of things including, traveling, truth, recipes, and math. But simpler isn't always better for high-performance home audio. Sometimes a bit of complexity does a better job. Take for example a loudspeaker. It's simpler to use one driver than it is to use multiples, yet the results support the harder and more complex route. It's perhaps comforting to believe the coherence found in a single driver should outdo any Rube Goldberg crossover extravaganzas aimed at perfectly marrying multiple drivers, but the facts simply don't hold sway. A woofer attempting to be a tweeter just doesn't work no matter how much we wish it would. Another example might be found in circuitry. We may like the quick wave of a hand simple design of a single amplification device in the signal path (proving more that short is better than lengthy numbers of devices to travel through) but we cannot ignore the fact that adding more complexity in parallel like current sources, regulators, and DC servo loops, aren't significantly better sounding and performing than a single device and a handful of resistors. Simple can be better but it's not a universal axiom we should rely upon to choose our equipment. When in doubt, have a listen.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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