FR30 customer number 2

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FR30 customer number 2
In yesterday's video, we introduced you to the FR30's first owner, Greg of Illinois. The challenge in that first setup documentary was Greg's smallish listening room. It's 10' x 14' dimensions turned out to match the FR30 just fine. In setup number 2, we landed in Kansas City, Missouri, and from there we traveled another 30 minutes deeper East into Missouri to meet Jim. Jim's setup was entirely different. Here, Jim was replacing a beloved set of Rockports that had been in his home theater as a two-channel setup for many years. Join Chris and Paul as we learn about setting up the Aspen FR30 in yet another location. You can view the video here. Lastly, our dealer in Norway, Mala, has their FR30s on display and here's a link to that installation and picture they posted.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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