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A 5 year old girl isreprimandedby her teacher for not sharing with her classmates.

"Don't you like to share?" Asked the teacher.

"Yes I like to share, I just don't like other people touching my stuff." And so you have it.

We live in a world where sharing will increasingly become the norm - not because we're getting more used to people touching our stuff - but because in our newly networked society sharing becomes collaborating - 1+1=3 - and the results will be in all our best interest.

In our older society sharing meant having less. In today's society sharing means having more.

Yesterday we wrote about arcane protectionism laws that require our governments to protect us from sharing music, books and inventions. Let me suggest something different.

What if we as a society took a baby step towards our future by limiting our protectionism to 5 years after it's introduced for sale or use - instead of hundreds for books and music and 17 for inventions?

Something like this must happen because any society that wants to drive the future must embrace the benefits of open sharing without reprimand - and our current laws do not support this model.

I know it's wild. Think about it.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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