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If you're like me you probably pull the warning labels off of your pillow and other silly places they put hazard labels which are about as useful today as being instructed in how to buckle your seat belt every time you fly. Keeps the lawyers happy.

But I did notice an interesting pattern in me - one I suspect is in about half of us, best I can tell.

That is the pattern of doing what you're told not to if it doesn't include an explanation you trust. For example, "don't push this button". First thing I do is push the button - that's because I am a rule breaker. I suspect the other half of you out there are rule followers and would not think of pressing it.

On the other hand if it says "don't push this button because if you do the escalator will stop". I won't push the button, my curiosity fulfilled.

I think it is wise for manufacturers like PS to remember that when we instruct someone to avoid using our sample rate converter, or to be sure and turn your sources on first, power amp second, that we explain in reasonable detail why.

Keeps the rule breakers amongst us safer.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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