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Setup recording
I have a lot of long term projects in my head and one that comes up often is the creation of a setup CD (or LP). There have been attempts at just such a product in the past. Stereophile's setup CD remains one of my favorites. When I set up a new system I always check for left and right plus phase on tracks 1 and 2. But, that's pretty basic and not really what I had in mind. The problems of setup I see have more to do with dialing in the fine details of tonal balance, spatial cues, room modes, image size, etc. I don't know of a setup product that really addresses these challenges with specific goals to achieve accompanied by easy steps to dial the sound in. We'd like to change that. Would it be possible to have tracks on a recording accompanied by step-by-step directions like:
  • Listen to the voice and adjust the level until the singer sounds proportionally correct.
  • With the help of the included measurement scale on the floor determine where the image is placed behind the imaginary line of the speakers
    • If too far back do this
    • If too trapped in the speaker do that
I am just spitballing here but it seems to me a step-by-step instruction set with specific examples would be invaluable if one could figure out how to pull it off. What do you think? What would be critical to be included? Would you find a tool like this valuable?
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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