Secondary Truth

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Secondary Truth

Not everything is straightforward.

Take for example brushing your teeth. Despite the minute or two of brushing recommended by dentists, it turns out not more than a few swipes of the brush and paste against your enamel is all it takes to keep them clean. The extra time is about gum health, not teeth.

Just the other day I queried my dentist on this observation. He laughed and said I’d uncovered their secret. “Can’t get people to brush their gums but tell them two minutes with an electric brush will keep your pearls white and we get what we want anyway.”

I think many of these primary tasks are more about their secondary benefits than their primary names. Think about the yearly good practice of reconnecting your system and dressing up your cables. The real benefit is deoxidation. Same with swapping tubes. I recommend going through your dozen or so favorite tracks every quarter, not because you need to hear them again, but to recenter yourself and make certain everything’s as you imagined it to be.

There’s often more to routine than meets the eye or the ear.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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