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"You won't believe this Schiit" and so reads the front page of Schiit Audio's website. Schiit Audio has my admiration for several reasons: the brilliance and audacity of the name, their products and the founders. I haven't yet had the pleasure to try their Schiit, but people I respect highly have and they are raving about the value and performance. Thier main products, headphone amps, are really supposed to be "the Schiit" and one of the best there is out there. Great work guys. Founded by Jason Stoddard of Sumo and Mike Moffat of Theta, these guys are knocking 'em down designing and selling products of exceptional value and performance. The industry can use as many companies like this as possible and I, for one, applaud their efforts. I don't know Jason but I surely know Mike Moffat and have written of him several times in these Paul's Post Series. Mike was the first person to demonstrate to me that cables make a difference, the first person to show me the lighter side of some of our industry's greats and lunatics, and a very independent and talented audio designer. If you have a chance, check out their Schiit.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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