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We savor a moment, a taste, an experience. It's a special instant in time where something extraordinary has occurred: a musical performance, a child's smile, a learning moment. When they occur we want to revel in them and never leave, savoring all aspects and nuance.

Each of us searches for golden moments worth savoring. Mine's often in the sound of new designs; the spark of new ideas; a new artist or an old one revisited; music that reaches deep inside.

In a way, it's all about connecting. Far too often we feel disconnected from life's flow like flotsam and jetsom travelling downstream. When we do connect it's often through music or laughter.

The next time something touches with deep connection, remember to savor it. These moments are both fleeting and distant, but precious enough to wallow in their splendor when they occur.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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