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No, I don't have videos of the Super Bowl, scenic wonders, spectacular feats of excess. I do have the complete video series of the world premier of the BHK Signature power amplifier finished; surely a close second. There's a little less than one hour of video and I have broken it into three presentations: my opening talk, Arnie Nudell's comments, and Bascom King's. Mine gives a bit of history of power amplifiers and few good stories, Arnie tells how the project began, his thoughts on music and its emotional attachment, and his thoughts on this hybrid amplifier vs. his four decades of exclusive listening to tube power amplifiers, and how that has changed. Bascom's talk is mostly technical and he explains the operation of the amplifier, what differentiates it from other designs and reveals the secrets of this unique hybrid approach many will find illuminating. Here is the link to Part One, my bit Here is the link to Part Two, Arnie Nudell Here is the link to Part Three, Bascom H. King Have fun.
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