Road trip

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Road trip
Golden opportunities don't often come our way but, when they do, we should grab them. Life's short enough as it is. One of our HiFi Family members had emailed me a few weeks ago asking if I knew anyone that might be interested in owning a pair of Genesis Technology's Gen II speakers. He was prepared to give them away for free. Wow. The Gen II's were some of the best speakers Arnie, Mark, and I ever made. A wonderful 4-piece system—a smaller version of the mightily Genesis Is, themselves a newer version of my Infinity IRSV. I wished I had room to have grabbed them but, alas, I've got enough "stuff" to last a lifetime. We put out a call on our forums and within a day we had found the perfect home. The only complication to obtaining the speakers was distance. The new owner lived in the state of Washington while the speakers were sitting in a garage in New Mexico. Road trip! Head here to read the story of the road trip that ended up making two members of our HiFi Family happy as hell.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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