Right or wrong?

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Right or wrong?

It takes all sorts of different people to build a community.

Some members are strong and resolute in their opinions and findings. It doesn't take them more than a few seconds of listening to new software or that new cable or hardware to know if it's right or wrong. Bam! That's a winner or a loser. Easy. Done. On to the next.

Others are much less confident in their decisions. For this group of people, it takes time and a lot of mileage to form an opinion. Careful, considered, well thought out. No quick decisions here.

Still others struggle to form any concrete opinions at all. This group relies upon the general sway of the family to help them lean in one direction or the other.

We are each different, yet all the same.

Different because how we respond and view the world is never matched by anyone else.

The same because we're all in the family because of music and HiFi.

There are no right or wrongs in what we do.

Just family working together to make life a bit more enjoyable.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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