It's not what real people listen to

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It's not what real people listen to

Trying to describe to one of our vendors the difference between a great recording and a so,so recording elicited an interesting response. "I think I understand, but how would music that real people listen to sound on your system?"

In one form or another that's an often asked question.

One of the guys out in the warehouse brought in music from the latest Bruno Mars double CD. Track 1 was simply beyond bad. And this from an artist I really like. Bruno's a talented fellow, but really? Does he even listen to his product?

And then he whips out a CD from rapper Jay-Z. I am prepared for an even greater assault. Hmmmm. It sounds great! And who starts singing the chorus? Bruno Mars. And Bruno sounds great. The recording is excellent.

"Normal people" music is the same any of us listen to. No, you may not like Jay-Z or Bruno, but on a good system it's intriguing to all that have the opportunity to peel back the musical onion and discover an entirely new level of musicality and degrees of excellence among musicians.

Certainly is for me. Bruno, are you listening?

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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