Rat's nest

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Rat's nest

The back of my HiFi system's rack looks like the proverbial rat's nest of cables and cords. It's definitely not something I am proud of but I will own up to it.

It's not visible to those on tour at PS Audio. Not visible unless one pokes their head behind the rack and has a look.

In my heart of hearts I want this straightened out: the cords and cables tidied up in perfect order as if there had been a plan in place from the get go. Sadly though, I never quite seem to find the time nor the energy to disassemble everything and patiently route those cables.

And in my experience, when I cannot find the time to do something it's really my way of procrastinating.

How is your nest of cables and cords? Something a rat would be envious of?

Maybe post a picture.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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