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Over the last few days we've been discussing the two main technologies in digital audio today: PCM and DSD. In my mind there's no doubt that DSD is superior to PCM - if for no other reason than the fact it is simply closer to analog than anything I have ever heard. Properly implemented you're not even aware of its presence and that's how any piece of equipment or format in a high end audio chain should be: not there.

We've also learned that nearly all modern 24 bit and higher DACS are essentially PCM to DSD decoders and the final outputs of modern DACS is already DSD in nature.

So what's the future of DACS in the PS Audio ecosystem? DSD, of course. We're right in the middle of a long range, long term project to fundamentally change the nature of the DAC itself from that of a compromised PCM/DSD decoder to a purpose built DSD architecture that also accepts PCM without compromise. It means getting away from off-the-shelf DACS and chips and heading down a brave new frontier essentially alone - but that's ok, we kind of thrive on that.

The fruits of these labors won't be enjoyed for quite some time but in the scheme of things it won't be that long. Perhaps sometime in 2014 we may see a new breed of product from some of the really great minds we have working on this now.

I am delighted to be along for the ride.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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