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... it comes in many forms but it is always welcome.

We reevaluated the memory setting on the Mac Music Server and found that the lower factory default setting of 512MB sounds significantly better than the higher setting; this despite the fact I upgraded the RAM from 2GB to 16GB. Makes sense? No, but it's progress.

Ted managed to make some significant improvements to DirectStream's operating system. Arnie and I spent the weekend evaluating them and were stunned at the improvements. After a few weeks of testing with our beta team and other opinions, we'll release and owners can enjoy a free upgrade that takes 30 seconds to load. That's progress.

Bascom King got the input tube stage to the new power amp up and running, gave it a listen and nearly fell over with delight. That's progress.

Have we experienced the opposite at the same time? You bet, but those are progress as well.

It's all in the viewpoint.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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