Polishing or cutting?

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Sorry about yesterday's post. As you probably figured out it was an article for PS Tracks, not a post from me. :oops: A friend came by and visited our sound room and was duly impressed with what he heard. He noticed that I use lifts to get the loudspeaker cables off of the floor. Much to my surprise, he went home and did the same thing to his system and emailed me that while there was a slight improvement to the sound, he was still a country mile away from what he heard at PS. The problem is he's focusing on polishing when he should be cutting instead. When you want to create a gem you first make a rough cut to get the shape right then polish until is shines. I give this advice a lot: if you don't have 90% of what you are hoping for in your system, don't start adding small tweaks to get there. Build a strong foundation first, then polish second.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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