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Otis Taylor
Not only is world-famous musician Otis Taylor our friend and neighbor, but he's also headlining Octave Record's latest release. Hey Joe Opus | Red Meat has been called by the Guardian a "visceral tour de force" and I couldn't agree more. The album opens with Otis' version of Hey Joe, which features the atmospheric psychedelic guitar of Warren Haynes (Allman Brothers), with strong contrasts in timbre provided by violinist Anne Harris and a punchy cornet solo by the fabulous Ron Miles. The album was originally released in 2015 as a standard definition CD and vinyl album. After much arm twisting Otis agreed to Octave Record's exclusive launch of our Direct-To-Master series. Gus Skinas has beautifully remastered a pure DSD version directly off the original DSD recording and now Octave brings the sound of direct mastered DSD into your home. Hear what the original recordings were like as never before. This is one hell of a great recording—the only Direct-To-Master version in the world—with music from one of our favorite artists, the great Otis Taylor. We're releasing only 1,300 copies of this collector's item SACD. You can go here and order yours before they're all gone.
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Founder & CEO

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