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ONE-MusicFinally! After nearly a year of work the ONE Music project is ready. And it turned out great. In fact, it's is the single best demo disc I have in my library - bar none. If you haven't heard of it, let me tell you. As many know there's a very sad situation in music today. Musicians aren't able to earn much money at their craft and quality studios are going bye, bye. Great efforts to keep high-end music recording alive are being carried out almost single handedly by heroes like Cookie at Blue Coast Music, Chad at Acoustic Sounds, David and his brother at HD Tracks, Morten Lindberg’s 2L, Naxos, and a handful of dedicated recording artists and musicians. But despite these many efforts, we're still losing ground. We were determined that not happen - not if we could help. So, we formed an alliance with SACD mastering engineer Gus Skinas, PS Audio, and my son, Sean McGowan. Our mission was to turn the tables on the financial models of how musicians, recording engineers, and mastering experts were compensated. It was (and is) our belief that those who create the music should make more than those that distribute their works. Pretty simple formula, one we hope might help turn around the upside down nature of the music business. We've assembled 10 tracks that Gus and I hand picked on the IRSV in Music Room One - then set Gus to work. And I have to say, this is one of his best. I remember when he came in the front door babbling "you have to hear this!" and he meant (surprisingly) the CD version of the original DSD masters. He was excited because he had crafted the CD so well it sounded surprisingly close to the high res PCM version. Really. Just amazing. And then, we put the SACD in the new PS DirectStream transport that plays DSD straight into our DAC… holy, moley! It's almost from another planet. Anyway, I don't want to ramble too much. Head here for samples of the music and the whole story. It's a limited edition–$45 for the two-disc set, $35 for just the download–so when the 2-disc sets are gone, we may or may not print more. The set includes an SACD as well as a DVD with high res PCM and DSD on it. The profits are split amongst the musicians, and some to those that created the recordings. We take a very small cut to reimburse our original investment, and my son Sean's non-profit, ASI, gets a small sum to build other music projects we can all enjoy. It's both a worthy cause as well as one of the best sounding demo discs you'll ever own. Trust me - this is one you want to own. Oh, and by the way, these are available to everyone of our customers around the world! Thanks for the support.
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