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In February, 1979, our first child, Lon, was born. After an overnight stay in the hospital he was wrapped in swaddling, handed over, and the nurses waved goodbye. I panicked.

No operating manual? What's the drill here?

The nurse smiled and said something about "you'll figure it out", and the door closed after her.

On our own, the baby starts to cry and won't stop. Where's the off switch?

We run into on the job training situations more often than you might think. Even more so, today.

Years ago, hifi dealers accompanied the bigger systems home and set them up for new customers. Not so much anymore.

Today you do your own research, make your purchase with the help of a dealer or manufacturer—by phone or in person—and then scratch your head once the many boxes are unwrapped.

Consumer grade audio equipment, like all-in-one systems from Sonos, B&W, Bose, now Oppo, are easy. Plug them in, configure them, music streams forth. They're not high end, but then…what did you expect?

High End systems take setup. Speakers won't sound best plunked in the middle of the room.

Personally, I prefer OJT. Not only do I get to have things my way, but I am learning a skill at the same time.

Having your hand held too much is overrated.

Make mine, OJT.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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