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We're all obsessive about something: sports, family, hobbies, hi fi.

But sometimes our obsession turns from sheer joy to something less that makes us question why we're even interested in it at all. I think this process is natural. I bring this up because of a note I got from one of our customers, named Chris:

"I can't tell you how many evenings I'd spend BEHIND my chair while a buddy was seated.. I looked like a baseball umpire.. However The sweet spot is the sweet spot and anywhere else is just “unlistenable”… I became a set up/seating snob and a ruthless seeker of perfection. If it wasn't right, I didn't even want to listen to it. It “offended” me.. I'd worked too hard for perfection..

Sadly, it ruined the fun of it all (in the end). I can't listen to music anymore (just music)… It's all just background nonsense…

Shame.. I used to love it so REGARDLESS of source…."

I've been to this party before, perhaps you have as well. This usually means, for me, it's time to take a break and let it rest.

But Chris's problem of the narrow sweet spot is fixable or at least something we can make better.

Food for a future post.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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