Nostalgic audio

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Nostalgic audio

At times I find myself nostalgic about some of the past equipment I've owned. My old Audio Research gear and my Tympani Magneplanar system in particular.

I don't miss so much their sound quality. My present gear is far, far better.

I think what I sometimes miss is the emotional attachment that kit brought to me. Kind of like missing a long ago pet, or friend (sans all the trouble and pain they might have caused).

Some folks I know take their fond memories of past glories a bit too far. How many times have I heard about missing this or that they just cannot seem to get back again?

I suspect with time our memories grow fonder. The bad parts fade while we cling to the good ones.

I surely don't miss my pains in the butt equipment: my Oracle turntable, my Acoustats, my Martin Logans, my RS1s.

Nostalgia has its place.

It warms our memories.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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