Mix Tapes

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Mix Tapes

Do you remember mixtapes? Cassette tape copies of curated LP tracks.

Today we call them playlists.

Only, something’s lost. With mixtapes, one shared with a friend what was, in essence, a one of a kind handmade LP. That was pretty special.

Compare that to a modern playlist that can be shared via email, posted on the net, listened to by hundreds. Somehow, it doesn’t feel as personal.

As we move forward in time, things change, often not always for the better. Different, yes.

Playlists are awesome and allow people all over the world to enjoy hand-curated music, but they are rarely one-of-a-kind and they can live forever.

Not so with physical media.

Over time, your copy of a cassette tape or a vinyl LP will become unique depending on the number of plays, how it is handled, how it was first created.

I am fine with the new but sometimes get a bit nostalgic for one-of-a-kind hand-crafted treasures.

They were personal.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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