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Micro, macro
Our feelings towards music often depend in part on our view. Micro, or macro. Are we listening closely or from afar? When we listen intently we're focused on the minutiae. Details are more important than the overall presentation: the scrape of a bow, the strike of a drum, or the sweetness of a reed. Stepping back and broadening our view we can more easily hear the proverbial big picture. Instead of the sonic details, we might find ourselves engaged with the conductor's performance or the orchestra's overall tonal color. I generally move from macro to micro, though I know plenty of people who do the opposite. For me, if the big picture presentation fits, it's valuable to dig deeper into the details. Others may want to have a closer look before zooming out. Regardless of your listening style, it's helpful to know you even have a style and then to be comfortable with it. For the times we're lucky enough to enjoy new musical treasures, it might be beneficial to note whether you're in the micro or macro mode at the very point where enjoyment is at its peak. That's a good place to return to when the next opportunity arises.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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