Maximizing one's assets

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Maximizing one's assets

Separate loudspeaker drivers like separate electronics maximize the attributes of each: amplifiers focus on amplifying, sources are specific to their task.

And so it is with speakers too. No woofer can reproduce that which a proper tweeter can. Take for example the planar tweeter in the upcoming FR30 loudspeaker. Its moving diaphragm has lower mass than the air it is driving. Try that using a heavy-high mass woofer. Or the opposite. The thin planar driver is no match for the long-throw woofers used to pump long wavelengths of bass frequencies into the room.

In my opinion, there's simply no substitute for separates whether in the multiple drivers that make up a loudspeaker or the multiple boxes that together produce music that brings us pleasure.

If high-performance and precision are the desired outcome, then it makes perfect sense to maximize one's assets.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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