Lucky 7

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Lucky 7
Reader Peter Braverman sent me this wonderful image. For most of us that can see color, there's an obvious number 7 in the middle. For those not as visually equipped, the numeral 7 is invisible. Which begs the question, does the number 7 exist in this picture? Well, for some yes, for others no. In the same way, we often make the mistake of proclaiming something doesn't exist in our listening or measurement experiences like transparency, depth, increased air around the performers when we don't perceive them. On many systems, we don't hear what others might in their higher-resolution rigs. Imagine trying to hear differences in cables and components using a Crown amplifier and an outdated pair of studio speakers. Not likely to happen, and so we manage to convince ourselves that simply because we don't see the 7 it does not exist. What's fair is to say "I don't see or hear that" and then move on. In our little home audio system, I don't hear anything like what happens in Music Room 2. That doesn't negate the results of Music Room 2, it simply means my home system isn't up to the task. There's plenty that occurs we do not see and even some we cannot yet measure. They are no less real just because we're blind.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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