The essence of what's inside

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The essence of what's inside

This is a special time of year for foodies. It's harvest season for dry-farmed Early Girl tomatoes. These criminally sweet and flavor bursts of culinary delights are just too good to be missed. I buy them by the boatload, cook them with salt, garlic, and basil, then freeze the sauce for special occasions.

By looks alone, you might pass over them. They're small with tough skins and not as pleasing to the eye as their more conventional neighbors in the bins next to them.

What makes them extraordinary is what's inside.

And I am reminded of how true this rings for high-end audio products as well. Working on the AN3 crossover, where the smallest changes in parts quality have the greatest impact on sound, it's a poignant reminder to pay attention to the essence of what's inside.

Outside appearances matter. Just ask your spouse how much they care about the look of your dream speakers.

When it comes to performance, it's the essence of what's inside that really counts.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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