Looks can be deceiving

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Looks can be deceiving

The popularized term for not wanting to face hard facts is to bury your head in the sand as an ostrich does. Only, the myth that these big birds bury their heads in the sand is not true (they'd suffocate). The birds dig small nesting pockets in the warm protective earth, then stick their heads in the entrance hole to turn their eggs.

Looks can be deceiving.

When it comes time to build (or build upon) our systems, it's important we enter into the project with eyes wide open. We don't want to move too far in any one direction because we believe in some sort of myth that, in the worst case, may not be true, and in any case, may be misunderstood. For instance, it is misguided believing that a major investment in network cabling, high-performance routers, isolators, regenerators, and potions to clean and isolate streaming data is anywhere near as important as simply purchasing the right DAC. But, flipped around, where we start with a great DAC before adding the spit and polish of cabling and tweaking, makes a whole bunch of sense.

It often feels safe to immerse one's self in the accepted lore of those who sometimes talk over our heads or are so deep into a subject that we assume they've already tried everything, but, looks can be deceiving.

My advice is to get the basics right first. Once you're on solid ground with the essentials, it's a good time to venture into the exotic.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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