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Terri and I attended a wonderful concert last night with great jazz players. The performance was minimally miked and properly done. Yet it did not sound live and I found myself missing my stereo system and wondering how a recording of this very performance would have sounded. When a live performance does not fit my view of what live sounds like, as rendered on my stereo system, one begins to question things. Is my view of live sound wrong or was this presentation not up to par with other live events that have shaped my worldview? I assume the latter but find it worth being open to the former. It does bring me great joy to know that many performances available on my stereo system outdo those I might have attended, like being in row 100 of a Diana Krall concert. I can gain an intimacy with her live work, unobtainable to most in the audience, by simply selecting her recording and turning the listening room lights down low.
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Paul McGowan

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