Listening to critics

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Listening to critics
We're all a bit worried about being criticized. What if those we respect don't agree with us or have differing opinions? What would happen if you played for someone your favorite track on your perfect setup and they were unimpressed? Or worse, pointed out problems? We all love it when our friends and family swoon over what's important to us. And we all know and tell ourselves that at the end of the day it is us that we're working to please. That the opinions of others don't really have an impact on our decisions. But we know that's not true. Not really. It's kind of lonely being the only person that agrees with you. Perhaps another way to think about the critics is to flip the whole idea on its head. That it is indeed we that we're working to please first and, if we're happy with the results, maybe our critics are focused on something different than we are. For example, I might be focused on the ecstasy of the high frequencies while another hones in on a small problem in the bass. They aren't focused on what you are. Please yourself first. Then figure out what the differences are between you and your critics.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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