Learning from Budweiser

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Paul's Post reader Chris Englund sent me this quick thought and I am reprinting it. Thanks Chris.

"Who has the biggest research budget into the art of brewing beer? Budweiser. Who sells the largest volume of mediocre beer in the world? Budweiser.

Which company spends the most into sound reproduction research? Bose. Which company has the common public's vote of producing the finest high end audio? Bose.

The similarity between Bose and Budweiser is a huge advertising budget creating an unstoppable juggernaut. Yet, high end audio has something to learn from the beer and Bose worlds. In past few decades, small breweries have sprung up around the USA making great premium priced beers. This development was unimaginable in the 60's and 70's.

While Bud will always be plugging itself on expensive Super Bowl ads, and Bose the same, a shift in consciousness happened that made a niche market possible - those that shy away from the mediocre .

What can we learn from mediocre beer and audio?

As the big guys grow the need for little niche manufacturers and producers grows at the same pace. Great for the high-end."

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