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Tim, our warehouse manager, walked into my office loaded with an opened box.

“Check this out,” he demanded.

Inside were multiple Nipper collection pieces: three 1913 style delivery truck Nipper banks, Nipper serving trays, a Nipper parts bag, etc.

There was also a note from the sender, Richard Wiecker, who had just received his BHK 250.

“Dear Paul, I wanted to thank you and Bascom for signing my new amplifier.”

Our customers just blow me away. Not because they send gifts but because of their kindness and generosity. When I announced our intent to carry Arnie Nudell’s legacy forward by building a line of PS speakers, we were flooded with advice, contacts, information, hints, tips, and offers of help—and for no reason other than the kindness in the hearts of our customers.

Sometimes it feels like a dream.

Thanks for all you do.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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