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Yesterday's post about perfection sparked spirited debate in the comments section. Excellent. My hope in writing these posts is to get people thinking, talking, discussion, arguing, whatever. Anything but sitting on our collective duffs and not engaging. As a community, I think it's important we engage with each other in good natured, spirited debate—not the kind of back biting we see on television debates (cough), but debates with strong opinions expressed in the hopes of learning and growing. We learn when we open up and share strong held opinions and are brave enough to express and defend them. Some will agree with our views, others will not. But, when we share, something magical happens. A community member might throw a piece of new thought—evidence to the contrary or in support of your worldview—and that small nugget of wisdom might help you turn a corner you needed to turn. Or not. Perhaps here's something of the sort I am referring to. Vinyl vs. digital. Can we agree that both have merits? I know there are strongly held opinions to the opposite, denying there is any value to the one vs. the other. But I believe that view is too strongly held and inaccurate. Few of us argue the technical differences, the limitations of each format, or the benefits. But where we might differ is in the advantages of one over the other. For example, digital's superior dynamic range is important to me and my listening habits. I simply find it difficult to overcome the longing for real dynamics like you find in music. But turn that around for a moment. I have listened to excellent vinyl systems whose music makes me swoon with pleasure. Which is right? Both. It's personal.
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