Is Simple Good Enough?

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Is Simple Good Enough?

The more I get involved in the recording arts the more I become convinced simple is key. Yes, we can get a bit more intimate with close miking, and we can retrieve more detail but at what cost?

Simple stereo miking done correctly has a magic to it. That magic I refer to seems to be a relaxing of the analytical side of my hearing and an amplification of my ability to hear into the music.

Once you let down your sonic guard and listen deeply to what is there you discover a whole new experience.

I think of it like food (it always comes back to food for me 🙂 ). An overly sweetened treat is immediately attractive but doesn’t have any staying power. It doesn’t encourage you to relax enough to let those delicate taste buds flower.

If, instead, there’s a hint of sweetness in that culinary treat you are more likely to take your time and savor what is on offer.

Simple can at first feel a bit lacking until you relax in the splendor of what lies just below the surface.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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