In harm's way

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In harm's way
We have a pretty versatile warehouse at PS Audio. Where normally we'd be moving inventory in and out on a daily basis, the main warehouse has other uses too. In yesterday's post, I showed how our engineers take over to make polar measurements of the new AN3 loudspeaker. Today I'll show you quite another use. Take a look at the enclosed photo of the Harmed Brothers drummer, Ryan Land (and bassist Mathey McClure in the background). This terrific Oregon-based folk/rock band stopped by PS Audio's Octave Records to record a set we'll eventually release as a new album. Because Gus Skinas and Octave Records have a rather small and intimate recording and mastering studio when a full band arrives to record we put the drums and bass in the warehouse and the rest of the group upstairs in the studio. We've got full television monitoring for both the warehouse and studio so the groups can see each other, and of course, they're all connected via wireless headphones too. I'll be posting a few videos of the session when they're ready. Man, listening to the first cuts from Gus' DSD master recording of the group sends shivers down my spine. And to think, tomorrow the warehouse returns to normal activity and it will look like they've not even been there. It was a late night.
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Paul McGowan

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