Warehouse sounds

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Warehouse sounds
Long ago, in the prehistoric days of HiFi, there was the first HiFi mail order catalog I knew of called Warehouse Sounds. They sold all kinds of stereo gear across the nation and even had "head cleaning kits" which consisted of a roach clip and pack of rolling papers. (Hey, it was the 70s). But that fond memory isn't why I titled today's post. No, I have something very different in mind. Our warehouse, and it's 30-foot tall ceilings, have proven a Godsend for measuring polar responses of the new AN3 loudspeaker. When designing loudspeakers it's important to have a clear picture of how the drivers perform both on-axis and off-axis (we sit off-axis to each speaker). To measure those responses down to 200Hz, we need either a full anechoic chamber or no boundary walls within a prescribed area. That's where our warehouse comes into play. Take a look at the enclosed two photos. Our mechanical engineer, Chet, along with our loudspeaker engineer, Chris, have taken over the warehouse to measure a mockup of the new driver in AN3. Also, look closely at the second photo. Note the center driver. Yes! You see the new AN3 coaxial ribbon midrange and tweeter, designed by Chris Brunhaver. Remember in my earlier post where I talked of starting from scratch? Not only did we design all-new woofers, but the center star of the AN3 will be its coaxial ribbon midrange and tweeter. I'll write more of these amazing new technologically wonderful drivers but just wanted to keep you in the loop.
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Founder & CEO

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