I am always surprised…

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I am always surprised…
…but rarely shocked when overwhelming evidence doesn't at least spark a modicum of curiosity. Take the subject of Climate Change. We might dismiss California's unprecedented droughts and fires as a warning, but when NASA and 18 scientific bodies again shows clear evidence our world is warming, one would think it might raise at least an eyebrow. Or when 11,400 scientists from around the world warn us about it in yet another report. And yet… I am not here to argue either way but I think my readers know my thoughts. No, I am more interested in how we get to these long-held beliefs and why we cling to them with such tenacity. That's a subject that fascinates me and applies directly to our beloved stereo systems. I am understanding of long-held beliefs. I have many (like my stance on going direct with DACs, or short speaker cables vs. long—all thrown out in the face of new evidence). And I understand the desire to cling to them because change requires more than admitting we were wrong. It requires a new thought process, perhaps even a course correction. But, once changed, new vistas open. It's freeing. We work hard building our worldviews, and even harder changing them. But, change keeps us alive and healthy.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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