Human engineering

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Human engineering

If you were to have a choice in audio product design engineers would their temperaments be emotionally invested or analytically detached?

It's an interesting question because I imagine the final product outcomes would be substantially different.

What if we flipped the question to surgeons? Emotionally invested or analytically detached? If you answered analytically detached would you then be alright if a fully autonomous robot performed your appendectomy?

Modern aircraft don't need in-cockpit pilots. What's your comfort level of a drone pilot in Phoenix controlling your plane ride out of New York's La Guardia?

It's sometimes comforting to think of engineers, scientists, surgeons, and pilots as analytically detached: above the sphere of uncertain squishy human emotions.

Yet, when it comes to audio, surgeons, scientists and airline pilots, I will always choose the emotionally invested.

Human endeavors—at least the best of them—are a combination of heart and brain.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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