Temporary Circumstances

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Temporary Circumstances
Boy, talk about aptly named. Octave Record's latest release, Temporary Circumstances, is more than half gone. We just launched it yesterday. This is one hell of a great recording and tasty as it can be musically. We had to commit to a fixed number of SACDs due to our Austrian pressing plant's lead times. So, when this batch is gone that's it. If you want one, I suspect you'd best go to the website and grab it. Download bundles will always be available. We do plan on releasing a limited run of virgin vinyl 45rpm pressings—probably 500 pieces—sometime next month if we're able. Gus and our engineering team have struggled to get a clean cut from the DSD masters. Seems the extended bandwidth and the nature of DSD are upsetting the cutting lathes. To solve this our chief engineer, Bob Stadtherr, designed and handcrafted a solution. It involves a new type of device unseen in the industry. Turns out the cutting head and the preview track (which knows in advance of the cutting process what to expect in loudness) are delayed so the cutting equipment works together. Tradition has two identical masters feeding each system, one slightly ahead of the other. This can be tricky, but more importantly, it relies upon equipment whose quality we cannot control. Bob's custom FPGA based solution takes in a single master file and sorts everything out to the exact DACs we wish to use, then reclocks everything, thus maintaining our level of quality from the direct master DSD files. Wicked cool work Bob. We'll let you know when the vinyl's ready.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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