How To Place Your Seat

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How To Place Your Seat

Where you sit, relative to your speakers, can make a huge difference in performance.

For those fortunate enough to have the luxury of moving their listening position, it’s a good idea to try different positions with different music. For example, if I am playing music that has a lot of imaging potential I can scoot my chair forward and backward to find the optimal point for the best soundstage.

That said, once you find the best spot for imaging, it’s time to adjust for tonality and, in particular, bass. Bass frequencies are not at even volumes within our rooms. Instead, the lowest notes vary wildly from point to point in the room. For example, in Music Room Two there is a 15dB dip in loudness at 40Hz in one spot, moving to a 15dB bump a few feet away. That’s a 30dB difference!

Moving your listening position even inches can make a big difference in both imaging and tonal balance.

I recommend scooting forward and backward not more than a couple of feet while the music is playing. Use some tape to mark your starting point, then skootch around until you find the best spot for imaging as well as tonality.

Sometimes the simplest tricks give the best results.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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