How long does acceptance take?

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How long does acceptance take?

We are constantly faced with waves of new technology. Some tech sticks while other tech at first dazzles and then fades away.

Once presented new technologies, how long does it take us to absorb it into the everyday?

I suppose it depends on what it is and who's it for. Seatbelts took decades, Wireless Earbuds less than a year.

In audio we see an interesting mix: digital audio was instantly embraced by mass consumers, but it took decades for us high-end folks. Or, Class D superseding Class A/B. Again we see mass market products instantly jumping on the new-tech bandwagon, while we audiophiles hem and haw.

Part of the difference is our differing goals: mass market consumer products aim to please their base with good quality, more features, and lower cost. On the flip side, we HiFi folk want performance first.

We can wait for the rest.

So it seems to me acceptance in our small niche market is more a function of performance.

Prove it to me.

Demonstrate that new technology sounds better than the old and we're the first to hop on the wagon.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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