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Most of us don't brew our own beer because it's easier and probably tastier to let the experts do it for us. In that same vein, we rarely design our own audio gear. But that's not true for a really fun splinter group, the DIY folks. Reader Ted Williams sent me a link to pictures from one of Germany's groups called the Frickelfest. These DIY get-togethers happen all over the world. Though I've never attended one, they've got to be a real hoot and I'll bet more fun than an audio show. Check this contraption out. Much of what we think of as high-end audio started out as DIY projects back in the 50s when that was the only way to get separates and high-performance audio in the home. From there it morphed into making more of a particular kit or project to supply friends and family and that turned into a company. Saul Marantz is a perfect example, building most Marantz gear in the basement of his New York home for many years before his "overnight success". What fun!
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Paul McGowan

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