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My friend Rick sent me an article in Digital Trends Magazine detailing how Korean giant Samsung is preparing an all out assault on high-end audio. They've amassed a star studded team of engineers to do battle:
When you think of Samsung, lots of things come to mind: televisions, phones, appliances… but one thing that probably doesn’t spring to mind is high-end audio, a category Samsung wishes to become number one in. …the team is helmed by a fiery Canadian with a passion for X/Y graphs and sound wave diffraction… poached from one of the biggest names in audio, Harman (owner of Harman/Kardon, Infinity, and JBL). Along with him came 10 of Harman’s best, while other staffers jumped ship from the likes of Bang & Olufsen, Gibson, and Beats by Dre, among others.
Seriously? I nearly spilled my cup of coffee this morning. This announcement would have passed me by with a yawn were it not for the words high-end audio. I am sure this is a fine team of measurementists who will likely make some good products aimed at what I would call the consumer audio industry. But saying they are targeting the high-end audio field is a little akin to suggesting a new product from McDonalds is designed to overtake the culinary arts. It's easy to bandy terms like high-end audio when what we mean is the upper reaches of consumer audio. Not that it matters much, and maybe I am being overly protective of our niche, but I certainly don't feel comfortable soiling the term by which we refer to our art by the likes of these guys. Just sayin'.
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