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What if you had just received your brand new P20 Power Plant, opened its packing box with high expectations of seeing your beautiful new product, but instead found something else: A small package you are asked to open first. Before you unseal the mysterious letter-sized envelope you notice there's something lumpy inside and now your curiosity is piqued. You pull out what appears to be a disposable diaper. What the hell? That's when you notice there's more inside the envelope. A note that reads: "Congratulations on your new P20 Power Plant. We included this diaper because we know once you hear it you'll shit yourself." So, no, that's not what you'll find in your new P20. But it is similar to what you would have found in your New York Audio Labs Moscode power amplifier a few decades ago. This was just one of the many wonderfully colorful antics the late Harvey "Gizmo" Rosenburg pulled off in his all too brief tenure as the star of high-end audio. Harvey even wrote the President of the United States offering to replace what had been reported to be a mediocre system with "better stuff". I miss Harvey and his energy. If you want to learn more about this wonderful man, go here and watch my video.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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