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How many times have I been disappointed by following someone else's unqualified advice? 

"My favorite restaurant is...."

"Best movie I have ever seen...."

"Most revealing speakers I have ever heard..."

Let's take each apart and see where the problem lies.

Terri and I am a vegetarians, so someone telling us the local steakhouse is the best place they've eaten kind of doesn't work. I should have qualified their opinion.

Terri and I don't like violent or depressing films, so Saving Private Ryan or The Chain Saw Massacre might float someone else's boat, but not ours. I should have qualified their opinion.

I am not a big fan of bright or aggressive loudspeakers, so recommending one that really floats someone else's boat is kind of meaningless.

I guess the point is, when we hear of or read about someone's opinion, it's always worth the effort to dig a little deeper and see if we're in alignment with them.

A qualified guidepost is worth a change in direction.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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