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I wonder what 'getting used to it' actually means? I had so gotten used to the sound in Music Room One that until it got revamped, I ignored all its problems and soldiered on. This "getting used to it" problem was pervasive. When I first setup Music Room One many aspects of it were sounding soooo right, that a musical masterpiece like Berlioz, Grande Messe des morts by Colin Davis and the LSO was a treat I reserved only for the best of times, not wanting to wear it out. Then I made changes to the system to fix a few bass problems, those problems got fixed but now Berlioz was weak, uninteresting, and gravitated down to the second tier shelf of musical favorites. After Arnie readjusted everything, eliminating any bass problems in the room, I went back to the Berlioz and nearly wept; so good again is this piece. So how did I get so accepting of a lesser performance, so used to what I was hearing that it seemed ok? My guess is this is something that happens to all of us. We are such adaptable creatures. It's something we should all try and be aware of, not to fall into a similar trap and, when we inevitably do, be on the lookout for those telltale signs:
  • What used to sound great doesn't
  • Fixing one problem and having a new set popup
  • Accepting that you can't do any better
  • Settling on "just ok"
I know. It's easy to give advice and hard to take it. That's what keeps it interesting!
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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