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There was a time in PS Audio's history where we only made little boxes. Our first product, the phono preamplifier, was about half the size of a pack of English muffins. We followed that with something closer to the traditional 19" rack mount stereo equipment of yore, only ours were half sized. Our very first full size 19" rack mount product was a preamplifier called the PS IV. It heralded a major departure from small and cute boxes. It was an immediate best seller and before we knew it, we'd built our first 1,000 of them (a new landmark for the company at that time). On the day we rolled out the first of the PS IVs, sometime in 1979, we decided to celebrate with a pizza party for the crew. As lovers of new we didn't want just any pizza, but only the latest in pies. That meant Chuck E. Cheese. The pizza chain Chuck E. Cheese was started in 1977 by video game company Atari co-founder Nolan Bushnell. Atari was famous for Pong, among others, and Bushnell was an innovator. For all I know he might have been an audiophile. We greased a few palms and guess who showed up at our door to launch the PS IV preamplifier. Just a bit of history I thought you'd enjoy.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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