Drawing the line

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Drawing the line

One of the most difficult problems designers face is where to draw the line between vision and desire.

A designer's product vision starts out as a pure set of lofty goals imagined together in perfect harmony.

Then, desire clouds vision. The gotta haves; wish it coulds; maybe it cans; creep in. Before you know it, the clean lines and pure purpose have dissolved into a cluttered amalgam of compromise and add ons. One look at the jumbled back panel of a modern receiver will give you a clue.

It is human to want it all, to over spice food, to fill the basket more than needed, to heep the plate at the all you can eat higher than we need or want.

As we move down the road imagining, building, and offering new products to our Hi-Fi Family it is often humbling to offer new devices that do not appeal to everyone.

The trade-off is between making a smaller group ecstatic vs. a larger group just happy.

I suppose that's one of the reasons our industry is known as Specialty Audio.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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