Tearing down walls

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Tearing down walls

Innovation is the heart of forward progress. Just redoing the same old tried and true doesn't push the boundaries of what's possible, nor does it move the progress needle in the right direction.

The companies I admire most are those that continue to tear down the walls and move the goalpost. It's what drives us at PS Audio.

Of course, innovative and new are not for everyone. In fact, the majority of people are happiest when buying a product after it has been thoroughly vetted in the industry: reviewed, approved, accepted. It's where their comfort zones are best served.

Those of us who like to dip our toe in uncharted waters in the hopes of uncovering hidden treasures are known as Early Adopters. We're the ones excited by new and innovative, of the daring and the untested. It excites us because we get a charge out of discovering that which others have yet to even grasp. We like taking risks.

When we think about or Hi-Fi Family, we know it includes both early adopters and those happier to wait and see what shakes out over time. And, that's a healthy mix of people. And it is why most of our products are so long lived. They need time to prove themselves in the marketplace.

Count on us as innovators, but also know we are here to serve the entire family.

Fresh and new, then steady and forward.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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