FR30 crossover

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FR30 crossover
Of course, we're all interested in what makes a product tick. Inside a loudspeaker is the crossover network that divides the frequencies between the various speaker drivers: tweeters only produce their intended range, as well as midrange and woofers. Below are photos of the crossover networks in an Aspen FR30. They are split between a midrange/tweeter network and woofer network. Designer, Chris Brunhaver explains:
We are using all air core coils (for the high power handling and low distortion) including a 5.5 pound 12 awg coil on in the woofer network. Capacitors are all metallized poly film type (excepting the large electrolytic caps required for the 45 Hz conjugate notch filter we use to flatten the impedance curve at low frequency). The resistors are a high-quality 15W wire wound type. The crossover slopes are all forth order Linkwitz-Riley acoustic, but the resulting electrical networks vary between second and third-order to achieve this.
What you don't see here are the years and years of experience and knowledge needed to put the right value parts in the right places.
Every product is an amalgam of its parts and the experience to know where and how to use them.
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